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The Gravel Doctor machine attaches to a category 1 three point hitch on a compact 4 wheel drive tractor. If you are in the landscaping business or have a compact tractor, the Gravel Doctor can expand your current business with minimal investment allowing you to address a virtually untapped market in the gravel driveway & parking lot maintenance sector – with little or no competition !

Would you like to take control of you own destiny and have job security? In these days of downsizing, outsourcing & and job uncertainty, in this economic environment of high overheads, complicated governmental requirements & marginal profits – the future of many jobs is questionable. Would you want to have more control in your life? Gravel driveways and parking lots will require maintenance as long as cars and trucks have tires. The Gravel Doctor service is appreciated by everyone – whether it be residential, commercial or industrial clients – no one likes potholes!


Why does someone go into business for themselves in the first place? Sometimes out of necessity, for instance, when they’ve lost their job and can’t find another one because of economic downturn, their age, or, their lack of marketable skill sets. But I believe most...

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JOB STRESS – Friend Or Foe?

In these fast-paced times we are potentially bombarded with stress from all angles. Gone are the good old days when life was much slower paced. This bigger-better-more society causes businesses to respond with a faster than light approach. This competitive environment...

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Time for a Change

How many times have to thought to yourself “there has got to be something better than this”. If you have thought that, probably you’re not happy with something about your life. If you aren’t happy with your job – keep reading. If you’re not happy with your marriage or...

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Ready to retire

Many people dream of retirement but, when that time comes some people balk at actually retiring. It may not be because they don’t have enough money to retire. They may not know what to do with all that extra time. My position on the subject is that if you are enjoying...

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What’s in a name?

BRANDING If you are reading this, probably you are an entrepreneur, looking to get into a business, or already a business owner considering a new business or expanding your existing business. One of the key components is branding, but most small businesses pay little...

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Is your job safe?

Can you be replaced with technology ? Will a computer do your job some day ? So many seemingly secure jobs have disappeared in the last twenty years that I can’t count them all. In the early nineteenth century a buggy whip business was a sure thing – until Henry Ford...

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Frogs on a log…

Lifestyle Change – Are you ready? I offer the following quiz: If there are five frogs on a log and three decide to jump off – how many are left on the log? If your answer is two – you are wrong. The correct answer is five, because deciding to jump off is not the same...

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Business Opportunities

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES BEING YOUR OWN BOSS ! So you want to buy a business ………many people have the same idea. How do you go about it, what kind of business will survive the next decade? With all the technological advances happening so quickly many business services...

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Franchising – What you should know

FRANCHISING - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ! Franchising is the concept of using a successful business model and replicating it over and over again. The franchise model should have been in use for several years to establish a proven track record that can be taken and expanded...

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Be your own boss

‘Be your own boss’, from a dream to what reality? To independence both financial and personnel?, to self satisfaction?. It’s all very appealing something most of us at one time or another have contemplated but mostly that’s where it ends. We become weighed down with...

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